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In this page, you will get the complete list of all the Frequently Asked Questions that our users and users across the web has asked about tutor, tutoring services, teaching classes and everything related to education and online tutoring, and customer service.

FAQ Asked By Tutors

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions For Tutor

How to complete tutor profile?

The use of the website by a Tutor, Tutorial center, or a Student shall be deemed acceptance and agreement to these terms only.

  • Citizen of Pakistan and currently residing in Pakistan.
  • Must have a valid Pakistani NIC number or Passport.
  • Above 20 years of age
  • Must be an expert in your subjects
  • Must have at least 14 years of completed education
  • Having strong verbal and written communication skills

If you meet above prerequisites, register as tutor.

How to register as a Tutor at Pakistan Tutor?

Tutor registration or signup can be done by tutors in just a few easy steps. Please click Sign up and follow on-screen instructions. Some fields are necessary. You must provide accurate information to register with us successfully.

Once you have submitted your information, you will be contacted by one of your representatives via phone for the validity of your data. You may be required to submit additional documents for verification purposes. Note: Signing Up for peer to peer tutors is completely free.

How it works for tutors?

Our tutoring services registration process is pretty simple. You register your profile with us. We verify your profile and rank in our system as per your qualification, area of expertise, experience, and age.

Students, parents, clients, or users of this web, search and view your profile. If they like your credentials, they fill in our form and then submit us to hire you as a tutor, mentor, and coach or for a specific session. We contact you directly, ask for your availability, arrange a meeting with a client, and the tutoring process starts. For complete and in-depth information, please visit how it works for tutors.

What subjects can I teach?

You can teach any subject you select, but you must pass the test for each subject. Your test results will be shown on your profile. Registered students will be able to view your test results. We will not recommend you or show your profile in search if a student search or request a tutor for a particular subject for which you have got less than 80 marks in any subject. However, students can hire you at their discretion.

Here is the full list of subjects we offer for tutors. We recommend you to select the subjects that are related to your subject matter.

How to set fee for tutoring sessions?

You can set your fee, but we do not allow setting up a fee less than our recommended fee for a particular subject or class. Our recommended fee per subject for a class higher than matriculation is rupees 5000 per month.

How will I get paid for tutoring session?

Our business model allows the client to make a payment using any of the below-given payment procedures:

01- Escrow:

Client makes an advance payment to Pakistan Tutor at the start of the tutoring session. Pakistan Tutor pays tutors at the end of every month or the end of the tutoring session.

02- Direct:

Client pays directly to tutor at the start of the tutoring process.

Can I apply as an online and home tutor?

Yes. You are allowed to work as home tutor as well as online tutor. However, you have to accept the terms and conditions for both separately.

What is the minimum education requirement to be a tutor with PakistanTutor?

Minimum education requirement is four years Graduation Degree or above. For professional courses minimum of 3 years of experience is required. For Educational Tests or Entry Tests, your test score is required.

How much can I earn from tutoring?

Although we cannot make any claim, we estimate it from PKR 20,000 to 80,000 per month. Our current tutors earn up to PKR 50,000/- with only 3 to 4 tutoring sessions per day. Earnings also depend on your rating, education, experience, and other factors.

Can I sell my courses on your website?

Certainly, yes. You must input all your course details and leave the rest to us. We will market and sell it for you. We take half of the amount, of course, on every sale. So set the price accordingly.

How much is the registration fee?

For the time being, everything is free at PakistanTutor. You can register for free, get home, or online tuition for free and sell courses for free.

Do you charge any service charges over tutors?

We are currently not charging anything to tutors. Use of the website is free for tutors and students at the moment.

How much are subscription charges?

Registration is free. The use of the website and its services are free for the time being. It may change without any prior notice. So please keep checking this section from time to time.

What is the period of registration?

Answer: Period of registration is as follows:

Free Membership: Forever

Standard Membership: One Year

Premium Membership: One Year

Gold Membership: One Year

What are the benefits of Free membership?

  • Registration of Profile on
  • Email Verified Badge
  • Phone Verified Badge
  • NIC Verified Badge
  • Degree Verified Badge
  • Bottom In Search Listing
  • Email Alerts For New Tutoring Inquiries
  • 100% service charges on first month’s fee

Will I get tuition jobs information through SMS and Email?

As a free member, you receive only email alerts. As standard, premium, and gold members, you will receive tutoring requests updates via SMS and Email. You'll get inquiry details depending upon the availability.

Is it mandatory to upload the last educational certificate copy?

Yes, upload your latest educational certificate's scanned copy. Exam results must be uploaded within 21 days of registration. It's a part of our verification process, and it'll make your profile more authentic.

Note: We do respect your privacy and do not share any data with any 3rd party unless required by law.

What will happen if I do not upload my certificates or exam results?

In case of non-availability of the certificate copy, a 'Certificates NOT Verified' tag/logo would automatically be added to your tutor profile after 21 days of registration. In this case, please upload your latest educational certificate copy to add the 'Certificates Verified' tag/logo with your profile and make it more trustworthy to the students.

Is it necessary to provide a complete address for the home tutor?

We try to conduct full background checks on each student. Checking complete address or permanent address is part of this verification check. It is necessary to provide a complete address for the home tutors.

Can I change my location and category or segments after registration?

You can change your location, category, and subjects anytime. However, you must pass the test for each subject you select. Your location will be verified by the PakistanTutor again.

Can I change my mobile number?

Yes, you can change your phone number. You will have to verify each mobile number you enter.

Can I change my CNIC?

Changing the CNIC number is a breach of our terms of service.

Can I change my current address?

You can change your current address. You will have to provide written proof of changing your current address.

Can I change my permanent address?

You cannot change your permanent address unless it changes on your CNIC number

Can I change my email address?

You cannot change your email address.

Can I register only as an Online Tutor?

We allow to choose whatever tutoring option you want to opt in for. Yes, you can register only as an online tutor. Opting subscription is mandatory for a complete online tutor to get tuition inquiries.

Note: Pakistan Tutor only provides online tuition inquiries and does not organize any online classes. Pakistan Tutor does not provide any online tutoring tools also.

As an Online Tutor, can I get tuition jobs from outside Pakistan?

Yes, as an online tutor, there is a chance to get tuition jobs from outside Pakistan.

Note: Pakistan Tutor only provides online tuition inquiries and does not organize any online classes. Pakistan Tutor does not provide any online tutoring tools also.

How can I make my tutor profile unique?

Answer: You can make your profile more attractive or unique to the students. It'll initiate the chance of getting more tuition jobs. So it would help if you took care of the following points.

  • Upload profile photo
  • Display latest educational certificate
  • Updated qualification details
  • Updated tutoring experience
  • Attractive tutoring approach
  • Uploading relevant video
  • Getting positive reviews
  • Providing group class and study pack facility

How will I come to know I am a Standard Member in your database?

All registered profiles will have "Standard member" badges.

How will I come to know I am Premium Member in your database?

All registered profiles will have "Premium Member" badges. If your profile shows a premium member badge, it means you are a registered member and can receive tutoring and teaching requests from us.

How will I come to know I am Gold Member in your database?

All registered profiles will have "Gold member" badges. If your profile shows a premium member badge, it means you are a registered member and can receive tutoring and teaching requests from us.

When does my registration expire?

Paid registration is for only 12 months. After your Standard, Premium, and Gold subscription expires, you will stop receiving SMS alerts about tutoring jobs. You will keep on receiving normal newsletters and emails from us.

Is there any money-back guarantee if I do not get any student from PakistanTutor?

We can understand your concern and assure you of the availability of tuition queries from your selected location, segments, and subjects. So, before choosing a subscription plan, please read PakistanTutor Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. However, we do not offer any money-back guarantee.

Is subscription fee refundable?

Subscription fee is non-refundable.

Can I pay the subscription amount after getting prospective students?

We can understand your concern. But you are only eligible to get students' contact details after choosing your suitable subscription plan. You cannot take any subscription plan when you are offered tutoring sessions.

How many tutoring session requests will I get after paying the subscription fee?

It depends on tutoring requests we have. You can receive unlimited tutoring sessions via email or SMS, depending on your subscription plan.

Why do we charge for subscription plans?

Subscription charges help us organize the system and bring more high school students and clients for our registered tutors.

Why do you charge Service Charges?

We are working hard to make this system run. We can't keep this system running smoothly without a fair number of funds.

Do I have to register again once my registration is expired?

Yes. Your data will remain in our system and be shown on the website, but you will have to make your registration charges again to register with us.

Will I be notified if my registration expires?

You will be notified by the website via email and SMS about the expiration of your registration.

Do I have to submit my original documents to receive tutoring jobs?

Yes, you have to submit your original document before you can get tutoring jobs from us.

How many days a month do I have to provide tutoring service?

We consider 26 days a month, and you must provide all 26 days of tutoring. If you cannot provide tutoring on any specific day, you have to decide mutually with the client in advance. If you are not able to make a mutual agreement with the client about any leave, you may be penalized for that day either via providing the same number of hours on some other day or by deduction of an equal amount for one day.

I am a paid member, but I am not getting SMS alerts?

Answer: First, please verify your registered mobile number using our mobile verification method.

Go to your dashboard.

Under the verification tab, click on verify your mobile number and follow on-screen instructions.

Why I'm not getting any activation mail, inquiry, or promotional emails from Pakistan Tutor?

First, please verify your registered email ID with our Customer Support Executive at [email protected], activate and check your spam/junk mail folder in your mailbox.

Note: When calling our customer support number, please provide your PakistanTutor code to our customer support executive for faster service.

Important: If you are a Gmail user receiving PaksitanTutor emails in the "Promotions" tab. We request you to drag and drop the My Private Tutor messages to the "Primary" tab, then click "yes" when it asks if you want to do that for all of our messages.

What will happen if I forget my password and registered email id?

If you've forgotten your PakistanTutor login password, then go to the login page and click Forgot Password in the respective (Student Login or Tutor Login or Institute Login) login section. Provide registered email ID in the appropriate field and submit a request after putting verification text.

Check your mailbox for recovered password mail.

If you've forgotten both password and user email id, email your user id and password recovery request to [email protected] Mention your Name, Profile ID (TUT XXXX, INS XXXX), and registered mobile number.

OR Call Customer Support and request for login details mail provide your Name, profile ID, and registered mobile number when calling.

Why can a tutor be marked as 'Fake'?

Due to disappointing services by the tutors, students can mark them as FAKE TUTOR. If PakistanTutor gets repeated fake reporting and negative reviews against a particular tutor and proves the fact. Then PakistanTutor reserves the right to suspend that tutor's profile even if they are a premium or paid member.

Reasons to mark as FAKE TUTOR

  • Tutor has taken tuition fees from a student but not offered any class.
  • Tutor is not providing tuition regularly/too much irregular.
  • Fixed tuition as a home tutor, but not willing to go student's to home now.
  • Unable to show qualification proof if requested by the student.
  • Changing Email/Mobile Number/Address without updating tutor profile

Do I need any special license to become a tutor?

No. You need to fulfill our requirements given above. One major requirement for registering with us is a bachelor's degree.

What kind of tutoring can I do?

Both Home and Online, depending upon your subscription.

Am I an employee of PakistanTutor if I am listed on your website?

No. All tutors are independent contractors listed on our website to provide their services.

How do I hear from prospective students?

When a prospective student sends you a tuition inquiry, you will receive immediate notification via email that invites you to log in to your private members' forum and reply to the request depending upon your subscription plan. We advise you to act quickly as the student likely has contacted more than one. Please be aware if tutors do not respond to students (neither accepting, declining, or responding to their requests), their tutor profiles will be suspended by the company so other tutors can benefit from the available opportunities.

We also post the tutoring requests on our social media channels.

How do I begin giving tuition?

When you and a student (or their parent) have confirmed you are satisfied with the arrangement, we will exchange your contact details, enabling you to contact a client directly to arrange the first lesson. Getting in touch with the student as soon as possible is best.

How will students contact me?

After your profile is live, interested students can send you messages via our internal messaging system. We will send you an email notification when a student has sent you an inquiry to make sure you pick up every message.

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