Reasons To Register As Tutor

  • 100% free registration

    We want this platform as useful for tutors as possible. We don't want an excellent tutor to stay away just because of not having registration charges. So we allow everyone who is expert in any subject to register for free. We have registration charges if you want to get a subscription plan. Go to Subscription Plans to know more.

  • Teach Online Or Face-to-Face

    Teach online using our state of the art white board, drawing board, video chat and file uploading system or teach face-to-face at student or at your place.

  • Apply to tutoring jobs

    Receive email or SMS for all tutoring requests posted on our website Or search from available tutoring jobs and apply directly for a request best suited for you.

  • Set your own fees

    You can set your own fees for each subject you are eligible to teach. Fees depends on your experience and qualification. You can also negotiate it with student.

  • Apply to school and academy jobs

    We have partnered with schools and academies in major cities in Pakistan. Schools and academies post their teacher and other staff related jobs on our platform. You can apply directly for free.

  • Teach at your available time

    You choose your own available timing and days. You can also set your own timing after consultation with student.

  • Get experience and online exposure

    Teach face-to-face or online students from Pakistan, Saudi Arab, UAE, Middle East, Australia, UK, USA and Europe. Collect feedback and become famous.

  • Increase your earning

    You can add a valuable amount in your current income. At some instances, our tutors are making more than their actual job.