Student Payment Policy

Student Payment Policy:

By hiring a tutor by PakistanTutor(R) ("the website," "website," ""), you (“student, client, customer�?) agree that the following terms and conditions will govern all payments you made to tutor or PakistanTutor(R).

How to make payment?

    As a client you can make payment either of the two options below.
  • Directly to tutor
    In this payment system, you make direct payments to tutor at the start or at the end of the specific tutoring period. You decide your fee, number of tutoring days, payment dates, and payment mode with tutor. PakistanTutor® takes 2000 as its commission to provide you tutor.
    Once you make payment to tutor directly, now PakistanTutor does not take guarantees of the following things:
    If a tutor never comes back for tutoring after taking his/her first fee in advance directly from you, we are not responsible for that. However, we will provide you original NIC number of the tutor. You can take legal action against tutor at your own. For your facilitation, we will put this tutor's profile in Fraudulent Tutors List.

  • Deposit in PakistanTutor® Escrow
    You deposit advance payment before the start of classes in PakistanTutor(R) escrow system. We keep your payments with us. Payment is released to tutor at the end of the each month or each payment cycle as decided by Tutor and student or student's guardian on behalf of student.
  • Payment should be made before 5th of every month.
  • If you are not able to deposit payment by 5th of every month, we may ask the tutor to stop providing you tutoring services until you make payment.
  • Payment should be via cash, bank transfer only.
  • In case of Inter Bank Fund Transfer, you will have to pay the transfer charges.
  • You will be provided with electronic Payment receipt on receipt of your payment every month.
  • We do not deduct any charges from your payment.

Refund Policy

Payment may be partially or fully refundable. Complete criteria has been described below.
  1. In case of two uninformed leaves in a single month, you may ask to apply deduction for all extra days a tutor takes off.
  2. If a tutor does not visit you more than 7 days a month while agreed days were 26, you may ask for the 75% of refund. You will bear the transfer charges.
  3. In case of informed leaves, you need to submit the details of the informed leaves at the end of the month to apply for refund.
  4. In case of informed and agreed leaves, you shall not be eligible for any refund.
  5. In case of emergency leaves, no refund will be provided. However, tutor will provide make-up classes to cover days off.

Uniformed Leave/s

When a tutor does not visit your home/office or any agreed place in advance for tutoring on a specific day and time without any prior information, this is called uninformed leave. Not more than 1 uninformed leave is allowed in one month.

Informed Leave/s

When a tutor does not visit your home/office or any agreed place in advance for tutoring on a specific day and time after informing you in advance, this is called uninformed leave. Not more than 2 informed leaves are allowed in one month.
You inform immediately if a tutor has asked for the informed leave. We will keep it in our record.

Informed and Agreed Leave/s

A leave that is informed and agreed by both tutor and student is called Informed and Agreed leave. Not more than one informed and agreed leaves are allowed in one month (26 days).

Emergency Leave/s

Any emergency leaves are considered non-paid, informed and agreed leaves. However, tutor will have to cover the same number of days in make-up classes. Time, day and date will be agreed mutually by tutor and student/s.

Other non-paid expenses

Non-tutoring charges should be incorporated into the hourly, monthly fee. Travel, parking, prep time or other expenses that you wish to defray to the customer must first be settled in your rates. The mechanism to assess these charges is to adjust your hourly/weekly/monthly fee. Under no circumstances should the tutor be paid directly for any such type of payments.