Tutor Payment Policy

By registering as a tutor with PakistanTutor ("the website," "website," "PakistanTutor.com"), you agree that the following terms and conditions will govern all payments made to you by students through the PakistanTutor ® system.

How to receive payment?

PakistanTutor® has three types of payment options.

  1. Directly from Student/Client
    In this payment system, you will receive direct payments from client at the start or at the end of the specific tutoring period. You decide your fee, number of tutoring days, payment dates, and payment mode with client. PakistanTutor® takes its commission from your first fee. You cannot collect your first fee from client by any means.

  2. PakistanTutor® collects payment on your behalf
    In this system, we collect payment from client on your behalf and keep it with us until you receive. Remember, we keep payment only for 60 days and after that, you cannot claim your payments. So get your payments within 60 days from the date we collect from tutor.

  3. Client deposits in PakistanTutor® Escrow
    In this system, client prefers to deposit your fee in our escrow system rather than paying you in the start of the month. Client demands PakistanTutor® to keep the payment and pays to tutor at the end of the month after consultation with client. Client may demand to deduct your fee for certain reasons. Reasons are given below.

Reasons that may lead to deduction by client:

Remember: our system allows client to select any of the above payment method. We have no control over it. Client may demand to deduct your payment at any time for the following reasons. System mentioned in 1.3 has been designed to make tutoring more professional and to keep fraudulent and non-professional tutors away from tutoring market. This system is no harm to honest and professional tutors.

  1. Tutor is required to provide tutoring for agreed number of days. If tutor fails to provide tutoring for agreed number of days, tutor and client may resolve it at their own. If client demands the deduction, we shall consult with tutor and reach to a mutual deduction amount.

National Identity Card Number Requirement:

All tutors need to submit the photocopy, digital copy of their National Identity card in our system or at our office in Lahore. We recommend you to upload the picture of your Identity card via our system or send us via email. No tutor can receive tutoring jobs and payments without photocopy of their original CNIC.

Tutoring Rates

Tutors set their own hourly/weekly/monthly or fixed rate and may change it at any time. Our recommended rate per subject for classes above intermediate is 5000 and above. You can agree to rates below than our recommended rates per subject at your own discretion. We will not make any discount in our commission.

How to Change Rates

You cannot change your rates for already assigned student. You can change your rates for new students.

Paistan Tutor Commission

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Other non-paid expenses

Non-tutoring charges should be incorporated into the hourly, monthly fee. Travel, parking, prep time or other expenses that you wish to defray to the customer must first be settled in your rates. The mechanism to assess these charges is to adjust your hourly/weekly/monthly rate. Under no circumstances should the tutor receive payments directly from the student for this.