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Hundreds of students search for online and home tutors in Pakistan and around the world using our platform everyday. At PakistanTutor you can make your profile by showcasing your profile picture, qualification, experience, subjects and contact details for free.

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  • Everyday 100s of students and parents come to PakistanTutor marketplace to find the best tutor.
  • They post their learning requirement on our platform and search for the tutor that best suits their requirement.
  • Receive email and SMS alert for all the tutoring requests matching your subjects posted on our platform.

“I find PakistanTutor to be a brilliant way for students to find qualified tutors. As a tutor, this eliminates the tedious process of looking for a steady source of clients. PakistanTutor does all the work for you. All you have to do is create a profile and students will contact you.”

Mohammad Zeeshan Haider

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Show Interest In Tuition

Apply to unlimited tuition in your area and city

Apply To Unlimited Tuition

  • Apply directly to latest tutoring requests in your city, area and subjects.
  • While applying mention why you are the best match for this tutoring request.
  • Also mention the fee that you will charge for this particular tuition. Fee should be monthly.

"It was a unique idea to apply to unlimited home tuition. Before, we used to pay registration charges and get only 1 or 2 opportunities. At PakistanTutor, we can show interest in almost unlimited home, online and Quran tutoring. I have so far received 15 home tuition requests from this platform."

Nabeel Ahmad

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Accept Or Decline Trial

Receive trial requests from students and accept or reject their requests

Student Schedules A Trial! You Decide

  • Once you apply, students view your profile and if they like it, they can schedule 1 or 2 days trial class with you.
  • You can coordinate with your timetable and accept or reject the trial classes.
  • Once your accept the trial classes, our representative will be in touch with you and student and confirm the trial class.
  • You are then provided contact details of students including address and phone number.
  • Students are also provided with your contact details including your phone number and CNIC number.
  • You then visit the student's desired place and give trial classes.
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Give the best trial classes

Show your expertise and satisfy the student

Express Your Subject Speciality

  • Show your teaching skills, subject speciality, experience and teaching method to satisfy the student.
  • Once student is satisfied with the trial classes, he/she confirms you as a tutor.
  • You decide terms and conditions with student, fee and timing.
  • Student can pay you decide to pay you directly or through our escrow system.
  • Payments made through escrow system are paid at the end of the tutoring cycle. Tutoring cycle is an agreed period of payment. It can be a week or a month.
  • We deduct our service charges only from the first month's fee.
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After you get tuition

Be consistent, honest and professional

Ethics To Follow

  • We recommend you to always prepare your lessons before you go for teaching. It keeps your professionalism at highest level.
  • Get at least one test for each subject in a week. It keeps your student motivated to get higher marks.
  • We expect all tutors to make at least 15 to 20% improvement in student's grades.
  • Be professional. You are here to teach not to impress. Show your teaching skills.
  • Never be personal with student at any point. You are a teacher not a friend.
  • We collect feedback from the student. The better you teach, the better your feedback will be.

More than 3000 tutors have listed and received tuition so far

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I register at PakistanTutor?

A. At PakistanTutor, 100s of 1000s of tutors, instructors, mentors, coaches come from variety of different backgrounds, experiences, professions and disciplnes and include full time teachers, industry professionals, graduate and undergraduate students and more. To register, simply complete an online application.

A PakistanTutor staff member will review your application and respond to you within 24-48 hours.

Q. Are there any registration charges to register at PakistanTutor?

A. Making your profile at PakistanTutor is free of cost. However, we have service charges applied to all tuitions, you receive through us. We have subscription plans for those who want to pay us less service charges after they get a home or online tuition through us.

PakistanTutor is a fair and unbaised marketplace where any eligible tutor can enlist its services, making it easier for students to choose among 1000s of tutors.

Q. Am I eligible to register as tutor on PakistanTutor?

A. If you have a minimum graduation degree or enrolled in a graduation program in any university or its affiliate colleges, you can register with us. If you do not have a graduation degree but have strong professional experience in a particular subject, you can register with us.

You will have to present your experience as an evidence to enlist your profile at our platform.

Q. How can I get new students or tuition?

A. Thousands of students, parents and guardians are looking for a new tutor everyday. Having a profile at PakistanTutor makes it easier for students to search and select you as their next tutor.

Also, if any student posts his learning requirement or tutor request related to your subjects on our platform, we inform you directly via email and SMS.

Q. How do I get paid?

A. There are two ways, you can receive payments:

  1. Student Pays Directly To You: Student can pay directly to you.
  2. Student Pays Through PakistanTutor: Student can pay us and ask us to keep the payment until one agreed amount of tutoring cycle is completed.
*Tutoring cycles can be weekly or monthly.
**In each case, PakistanTutor receives the first payment, deducts it service charges and transfer the remainning amount to you via cash, EasyPaisa, PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Cheque or Bank Transfer. Learn about PakistanTutor Service Charges.

Q. Is it Online or Home (Face-to-face) tutoring?

A. You can offer all type of tutoring services.. You will be able to provide home, Quran or Online tutoring.

Still have questions? View All FAQs.

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